EUROBOT is a project that intends to promote

  • Research
  • Knowledge transfer to industry
  • Science and Technology difussion and entertainment
  • Education



    by means of the emulation of the football (soccer) game.  Scientific congresses that hold parallel competitions are promoted all over Europe. 

    EUROBOT is, thus, the european forum for researchers, industries, and institutions (representatives of the society), that is highly connected to international activities. 

     Eurobot Europe (EUROBOT-EU) is the European Forum with representatives of France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Germany and Eastern European and Associated Countries. It tries to promote joint projects to the European Comission. 

    Eurobot Iberia (EUROBOT-IB) is the Forum devoted to Spain and Portugal countries. Initiallylinked to the FIRA organisation, tries to promote the 

    Scandinavian Committee  The Scandinavian RoboCup Committee has the aim to promote the RoboCup initiative in Scandinavia through organizing local events and putting in contact groups of research in Scandinavia that share the interest in RoboCup. 

General Features of the EUROBOT Project are

  • Research subject in Universities
  • Cutting Edge Research
  • Complex System (COSY): big complexity due to  electronic, mechanic, and software integration; collective intelligence, etc.
  • Huge media impact
  • Easy problem for general public
  • Probably a future commercial platform (research, leisure, formation)
  • An international competition (30 teams within a dozen of countries)
  • Partners, networks and corporations are under construction
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